We offer an all-inclusive massage therapy training program.

What makes us different?

We are the ONLY Eastern Washington MASSAGE HYBRID PROGRAM that offers:

  • Virtual-Online Training (over 400 videos)
  • In-Person Massage Program
Massage School Tuition Costs

What is included in my tuition costs & training?

An all-inclusive massage therapy training program, plus a BONUS  Entrepreneurship Self-Study Course.

Textbooks, Business Training, Mentoring, Massage Lab, and Educational Support are all incorporated into the Virtual-Online and In-Person training.

Our school also works directly with the community, posting job opportunities, and guiding our students to employment and/or self-employment.

Plans & Loans

How Do I Pay for School?

Extended Payment Plan:

Therapeutic Connections School of Massage is thrilled to offer TUITION FINANCING, an Extended Payment Plan with convenient payments.

*Extended Payment Plans are computed based on eligibility and credit status.

Standard Payment Plan:

Working directly with your own budget and how you plan to pay for massage school, we have monthly, quarterly, or payment in full options.

Financial Loans:

Numerica Credit Union - Loans for Massage School

Therapeutic Connections School of Massage also works directly with NUMERICA, they offer private loans for our certification program.

Invest in Your Future!

Contact us to learn more about your total tuition costs and discover all of the included benefits and educational offerings in our massage program. This will allow you to make an educated decision before you come in for your interview.

*Once interviewed and accepted to our school, students can begin the Financial Process.

If Qualified

Other Financial Assistance Options


My Career Advancement Account  (MYCAA) Scholarship Program provides up to $4000 of financial assistance to eligible military spouses pursuing a portable career.

MyCAA Factsheet Overview

Worksource Washington/Spokane

If you’re unemployed and want to train for a new career or improve your skills, the Worker Retraining Program may help you pay for tuition and related expenses.


      *The information provided above is not a guarantee of financial assistance. Individual needs and circumstances must be evaluated to determine program eligibility.

      “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

      ~Benjamin Franklin

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