Massage Program

Start your path to success, NOW!

Learn New Skills

Are you ready to master the skills that will combine easily with the talents that you already bring to the classroom? A new era of growth, innovation, and education await and it’s time to step up and own the success that you deserve.

Become a Professional Massage Therapist

Over the next eleven months, our Massage Program will arm you with the skills and psychology to thrive in the ever-evolving field of healthcare.

Be your best. Expand your skills with the absolute foundational skills that put you steps above any other graduating practitioners. Create a database of clients during the program, discover your massage talents and uncover the secret behind what drives you…

If you hear yourself saying “YES!” to these exciting opportunities, you are a candidate for the PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST PROGRAM.


Program Objectives

Create a unique approach to massage—by learning from the best. Instructors will nurture and appreciate your differences. Instructors will guide you to discover your personal talents as a bodyworker. Whether you want to fix, heal or nurture clients or treat, relax and balance energy. The foundational skills will open the doorway into the world of bodywork and lead you into your future – no matter what that looks like!

Upon completion of this program students will receive a diploma in massage therapy, qualifying them to take their national board examination. Upon successful completion of this exam graduates are then qualified to receive a Washington State massage license.

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