Transfer to Massage School

We are excited you are considering becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist!

Steps for Transferring

*If you DO NOT have access to an official transcript, sealed and stamped from your school, please reach out to your State’s Department of Health or a government agency that can track your transcript. Do this before you fill out this application. This is required for Washington State.

  1. Fill out the admissions form below to start the process of transferring to become an LMT in Washington State.
  2. You will receive an informative email with all the details regarding our transfer process.
  3. Meet with the school director to interview for the transfer program and complete in-person/hands-on exam.
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Transfer Requirements

Our school is competitive, therefore not all students will be accepted into our program. Before you apply, please be sure you can meet all of the following criteria prior to the application.

  • Must Provide Official Transcripts
  • Ability to Pass a Background Check
  • Confident and Consistent Communication
  • Computer Skills – At home computer with reliable WIFI and Smart Phone
  • Strong People Skills
  • Honest, Ethical, and Personal Boundaries
  • Willing to Learn New Material
  • Ability to Sustain Weekly Curriculum Load
  • Physical Endurance
  • Space for at Home Practice with Massage Table
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Compelling Letters of Recommendation, Upon Request
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Transfer Admissions Application

Transfer Information

Ability to Benefit
- Must be a high school graduate (information below)
- Ability to lift 50 lbs (demonstrate set-up of massage table)
- Basic computer skills (email, CD materials, resume, etc.)
- Washington State Patrol Background Check
Highest Grade Completed

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